From 20th Feb 2023

So why are we moving?

We'll give you a hint, its not by choice...

My IT Shop has been a part of Noosa Civic for over 15 Years, and to put it simply, we had no plans to leave.

Noosa Civic (Stockwells) had other plans.

Noosa Civic (Stockwells) closed off the roundabout entrance to our side of the centre for 6 months. This caused  over 40% drop in traffic. When we asked them for assistance to make up for the lost sales, their response was….We don’t see a problem, pay up.

During the middle of COVID when our traffic was down 30%, we asked them for help, their response….We don’t see a problem, pay up.

Then when our lease was up for renewal, they tried to DOUBLE our rent. When we tried to negotiate, explaining that we bring customers to the centre, and they shop while they wait for their phone to be fixed. They said ‘We don’t care, It’s Double or Nothing’

So we crunched the numbers to see if we could make things work, and we agreed to their demand of double. Their response….Too late, we’ve found a competitor who would pay double, you have 14 days to leave.

So after:

  • 3 years of hell (we had to pay full rent through the entire of COVID)
  • 6 months of 40% less traffic (Roundabout Closure)
  • The lack of respect or willingness to work with us.

We are a bit done with Noosa Civic and their shenanigans. 

But when one door closes, another one opens.

We are on the hunt for a bigger and better store. We already stock some JayCar products, and we are hoping to stock the entire JayCar range in our new location. 

This along with all the other things we sell and repair will mean we can offer more help and solve more problems with a bigger and better store, AND we will be able to do a lot more complex repairs in-house instead of sending things to Brisbane or Sydney.

So, Until we find ourselves a permanent new home (Vacant Shop Fronts not being available to lease is a rant for another time), We’ll be trading out of our warehouse at 9 Commerce Court, Noosaville (From Monday 20th Feb)

We are sorry we have impacted your convenience, and we hope you’ll travel the extra 3 minutes around the corner to see us when you need quality, fast and reliable service, 7 days a week.

If you know any of those landlords with empty retail shop fronts that don’t have them advertised for lease, hit them up, we’re looking for anything over 100 sqm on a main road, that isn’t going to charge us the earth and is happy for a 15 year + Lease

Thank you for being such a wonderful community, we look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.

P.S. Don’t forget to tell your friends, we don’t want them going to the same location out of habit, expecting the same level of service, because we can promise you, it won’t be the same.