Product Manager

Hours: Flexible Full Time
Pay: $55,000pa

About My IT Shop:

My IT Shop is a Retail IT Store that has been helping the local Noosa Community from the same location for over 10 years. We are a technology forward business with a focus on efficiency and doing it right the first time. We help our customers solve their problems properly, by doing what’s right for the customer. Not just selling them a new piece of technology that doesn’t really fix their issue. We’re not simply a Retail Sales store, we have 5-8 staff on per day Repairing Phones/Computers/Tablets/Consoles and much more. We’re a full service electronics store and we fix almost everything.

About the Job:

As a product manager you are in charge of organising and merchandising our products. You will be responsible for managing our stock system, finding and entering new products, archiving and deactivating discontinued products, reordering products, and keeping our store perfectly stocked at all times. You will also be responsible for our online store, Ensuring all products are categorised, have appropriate photos and are listed and able to be purchased.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing Stock System
  • Managing Online Store
  • Managing Stock Levels
  • Finding/Testing New Stock
  • Discontinuing/Selling Old Stock
  • Creating Sales/Moving Run-out Items
  • Performing Stocktakes
  • Shipping Stock

Skills Required:

  • Excellent Organisation and Prioritisation of your tasks
  • Be able to manage and meet deadlines without doing everything last minute
  • Strong ability to work Autonomously and not need constant supervision or management
  • Be self motivated and self disciplined
  • Strong ability to manage, lead and communicate and collaborate effectively with a team
  • Enjoy running tests and trying new things.

Hours & Location:

All roles with My IT Shop have flexibility, you don’t have to work a fixed 9-5 roster and we can work around your requirements. 

This role is a Flexible Part Time role, so we will work with you to achieve 16-24 Hours per week based off your availability and schedule. There will be the option within 6 months to push this to a full time role if you desire.

You will be working between our Noosa Civic Flagship store, and our Warehouse located 2 minutes from Noosa Civic.

Are you ready to join the team?

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